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Trigger Warning: Torture, Violence, Graphic Photos

Miguel Angel Cedillo was forced to return to Mexico with his wife and two U.S. citizen children because he was stopped for driving without a license. Despite knowing that life would be harder for his family, his wife and he knew that they could not be separated. It was until his family had been extorted under the threat of one of his family members being kidnapped and “returned in pieces” and having his entire family chased by a knife-wielding assailant that Miguel’s wife and children were forced by necessity to return to the United States without him.

After being brutally attacked and imaging his children growing up without a father, Miguel wants to return home, and his family and community need him!

UPDATE: Miguel Angel was DENIED credible fear and faced imminent deportation. An application for Prosecutorial Discretion has been filed. His son, Michael, needs him home!


Durbins D.C. office - 202 224-2152 
Sample Script: Why has Miguel Angel Cedillo’s wife been locked out of the office? The senator was given the release form that was asked for. So why will he not make one call for Miguel Angel? His attorney filed for prosecutorial discretion already. I need you to make a call to ice asking that it be granted.

Luis Guiterrez 773-342-0774 
Sample Script: I’m calling to urge the rep to help Miguel Angel Cedillo TODAY. If you helped Elvira get released why will you not make calls for Miguel? He was tortured he has a wife and kid. We cannot let him get deported. His attorney filed for prosecutorial discretion already. I need you to make a call to ice asking that it be granted. His wife already talked to your office you know the case there’s no reason you shouldn’t be standing with him.

National ICE @ 202-732-3000 or 202-732-3100

Sample Script: “I am calling to ask that you allow Miguel Angel Cedillo (A# 206-270-525) back into the U.S. He and his family have been threatened by cartels. On two occasions, Miguel was chased and attacked. Being separated from his two U.S. citizen children and knowing his life has already been threatened is the reason he wants to come back to his home state of Illinois! His attorney filed for prosecutorial discretion already. I am calling to ask that it be granted! He has a USC wife and child that need him! “

Anonymous asked
can i travel to Hawaii with a drivers license issued in California (DreamAct)

Check this out:

Anonymous asked
So i just received my approval,and im super excited,i know that the next step is to wait for the work permit and then apply for ssn...i was reading online that you have to take the work permit and proof of age and name...what can i take? Since i have no id or drivers license.?

I would suggest maybe using the same ids/birth certificates that you used to apply for DACA. 

School ids maybe?


I been In CT for 10 years. I have turned 18 couple months ago. I been wondering if I could join the army? I have the work permit for almost two years now and the ssn. may I still be able to join the army. ill love to become an officer some day

People with DACA cannot join the military. 

Anonymous asked
I send all the forms today i hope everything goes well do you guys know how long it takes to know if they accepted you or not ?

There is really no set time. It can take a couple of months or longer.

Anonymous asked
so i've had DACA for one year now as of yesterday, and was thinking i have one more year to go until it expires, has there been news on how to re-apply or renew the permit?

No, there are no news yet! 

As soon as we hear anything we will post it up!

Anonymous asked
Hi I am looking to apply for the dream act, I am currently 15 years old, I live in Alabama and I am a Sophmore In high school . I have proof ( diplomas, report cards) that I have studied here from the years 2003-to current. i have read that you need extremely good grades to get approved is that true? also from what I said above will I need anything else to apply ? I also have my passport from my country and birth certificate

Hey, I’m going to assume that you actually mean DACA(Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and as far as we are concerned there is no GPA reqirement which means that they only ask for proof that you are enrolled in a school but your grades are not a factor as to whether you will get approved or not. 

Check this link out that provides more info:

Anonymous asked
i didn't really want to apply for the dream act but now im in the needs so like the only think that was keeping me away from applying was that I had to have a high school diploma or ged wich I don't have I just recently enroll into adult school to finish my high school im already doing classes and have my id with picture will this be enough to proof im currently attending in school or im to late to apply?.

This should be enough. So long as you can produce documents that demonstrate that you are currently a student. 

Anonymous asked
I have a quetion about the dream act reform i have the money for it but i was wondering do i need a lawyer to get it started or can i do it myself? N if i needed a lawyer. Can u tell me couple of places i can go to that are low cost?


I think you might be referring to Deferred Action. If so, we would advise you to seek legal advice before turning your application in. We can try to help you look for cheap/free workshop if you can let us know where you are located.

work permit

so I applied to get a work permit, paid the $465, and went to get finger prints taken. I received a letter that everything was fine and that I should wait for my work permit. that’s been over 2 months! what should I do? is there a number to call where people actually know what they are talking

You can keep track of your case on this website:;jsessionid=bacmrpJZq6K_id3eCFlqu

Anonymous asked
How do you know if you got approved for the Dream Act?

for the DREAM Act or DACA?

If you mean DACA, you can go on this site to keep track of it:;jsessionid=bacmrpJZq6K_id3eCFlqu

Anonymous asked
So I got accepted (: , but I don't know what I can get? or where. Can I get a social, ID, or a driving license?

Check this out:

might help!


Anonymous asked
When is the Coming Out of the Shadows rally? I keep searching it on google and it only tells me the dates from previous years.

Coming Out of the Shadows in Chicago is on the 8th at 12pm

here is a link to the event:

Hope to see you there<3<3<3<3