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Top 6 things you can’t do while undocumented, and ways around them.

This is a list of the top things you are unable to do while you are undocumented, granted immigrant youth has found ways around these hurdles. In no way shape or form do I encourage anyone to break the law, nor do I expect anyone to be held back because of the lack of a piece of paper.

6. Drink 

As an undocumented person you are unable to hold a drivers license or state ID (loopholes do apply however, I had a valid driver license once) which could be an issue when it comes down to buying your own booze for that BYOB party you are attending.

Some places (this one from experience) may have a rude waitress/er that expects your updated documents as you proceed to place your order.

Ways Around It:

  • Do you have an international driver’s license, a valid passport, or even a matricula? A lot of places will just take a peek at your birth date and move along, others may just give your a hard time. 
  • Should your run into any issues may be make sure to tell your waitress the following “My license is expired? Oh, that fine. I didnt know my birthday expired!”
  • Have someone else buy your booze (ONLY IF YOU’RE OF AGE) and have a raging party at your place.

5. Pay In-State Tuition

Face it, not every state is as progressive as Illinois or California (the former is battling SComm and recently passed the IL Dream Act) so you might just be stuck in an unfortunate state where immigrant youth has zero to now leeway when it comes paying for tuition.

Ways Around It:

  • Live in Illinois, California (Coming Soon; hopefully), Maryland, Texas, Rhode Island or even Georgia if you want to get some discount on your education. **Read the requirement of each state before uprooting your life**
  • Work the system in states that don’t offer in-state tuition. 

4. Get a Driver’s License

Need to get around town but are unable to drive? Yeah, I know how you feel. Many states with the exception of Washington and New Mexico do not allow undocumented folk to get a shiny piece of plastic that allows you to drive legally. Now, this post is not encouraging to drive without a license, but when things get tight don’t be scared to give it a try.

Ways Around It:

  • Unless you are Jose Antonio Vargas, or are planning to move to Washington or Utah for a while (or permanently) dont bother. 
  • Get working and organize your community to get the state legislature to do something about it.
  • Ride your bike.
  • Ride public transportation.

3. Travel

Want to go to Europe, Africa, or Japan? Yeah me too… unfortunately because of our lack of status we are unable to board airplanes with international destinations, well, unless you dont ever intend to return. Travelling internationally or nationally is out of the question without proper identification, then again you could always give TSA a headache.

Ways Around It:

  • Use a valid passport to travel domestically. This is by no means a full-proof method, so be sure that you know that there are some risks involved in doing this.
  • Explore your state. Even if you can’t travel to Hawaii or Fiji who says that there are no attractions or popular sites to visit around your state? Go out and explore!

2. Enlist in the Armed Forces

Now there are plenty of people who are wishy-washy to undocumented youth enlisting in the armed forces. Then again, there are also undocumented youth who are willing to enlist by their own means! There is no clear cut way to be able to get that job or go out on the field within the Armed Forces (although it is clearly possible), however, here are some cases of undocumented youth serving their country:

1. Get a Job

Let me not get in trouble for endorsing illegal activity (which I dont support to begin with). However, it must be noted that there are certain “degrees” of being undocumented that determine how undocumented you really are. Does that make sense? In any case if you want a job, take a look at this great piece written by our friends ar NCDREAMTEAM:

**DISCLAIMER: This post is not intended to promote any illegal activities**

Created by JuanSaaa. Follow his Tumblr here.

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