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Wilfredo, father of two, is facing deportation to Venezuela. Wilfredo fled Venezuela in order to provide a better future and safety to his family after receiving threats from the government. He fears that his life, and that of his family’s, would be in danger if he’s deported. Please take action now by making a phone call and signing the petition. 


URGENT: Juan is in deportation proceedings and has immigration court on April 25. Please take action to stop Juan’s deportation!

To help us stop Juan’s deportation, please sign the petition and make a phone call.


Call ICE - John Morton @ 202.732.3000

Sample Script: ”Hi, I was calling to ask that the deportation of Juan Sierra Castillo (A# 200-618-602) be stopped. Juan has been living in the United States for 9 years. He has been married to his U.S. citizen wife for 7 years and has 3 U.S. citizen stepchildren, who he loves and supports. According to the Morton Memo, Juan is not a priority for deportation. Don’t deport Juan.”


Stop Leslie's Tuesday Deportation!


URGENT: Leslie, mother to 3 young U.S. citizen children will be deported on Tuesday.




URGENT: Two Georgia teens will spend Christmas at the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office unless ICE drops their immigration hold.


Both Emilio and Erick were stopped by a police and charged with driving without a license.  Both teens are DREAM Eligible, Erick having lived here since he was 10 and Emilio since he was 1.


Call ICE – John Morton @ 202.732.3000 

Sample Script: Hi, I am calling to ask that ICE lift its hold on Erick Lara (inmate #914358) and Emilio Castro (inmate #914405).  Both of them are DREAM Act eligible and are being held by the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office in  Georgia.  Please lift your ICE hold so these DREAMers can go home for Christmas.

We need at least 100 calls today, if you can have a family member make a call as well. Thank you.

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In August Cesar was pulled over for a basic traffic violation.  Instead of a ticket he was arrested and charged with driving without a license. Cesar has been in detention for over 2 months. Help us stop his deportation!

Make a Phone Call Now

Call DC ICE – John Morton (202.732.3000) and Detroit ICE Field Office (313.568.6049)

Sample Script: “Hi, I was calling to urge you to set bond for DREAM Act Eligible student Cesar Montoya (A#200-297-690). Cesar has been living here for most of his life and deserves to stay in the U.S. with his family and friends. He is DREAM eligible and considers the U.S. his home. Set bond for Cesar Montoya.”

Demand that Sen. Durbin step in to help stop Cesar’s deportation!

Call Senator Durbin: Demand Action for Cesar!

Senator Durbin: (202) 224-2152

“Hi, I was calling to voice my disappointment at the Senator for refusing to help DREAMer Ramon Aguirre, he was already deported to Mexico.  I am really upset that the Senator is now refusing to help another DREAMer, Cesar Montoya (A#200-297-690).  Cesar has been detained for over two months now. His only criminal record is a driving without a license charge.  He is DREAM Act eligible, why is the Senator not helping Cesar?”

Call Rep. Hanson Clarke of Michigan: (202) 225-2261 and ask him ‘why he isn’t stepping up to help Cesar Montoya (A# 200-297-690).’

It is sad that we need to push even our strongest allies to help.  We know the Obama administration is full of lies but we didn’t expect the same from our Senate allies. Work with us to keep them in line. 



David will be ordered deported this Thursday, December 1st.  We need your help to get David out of a Georgia Detention Center.

David has been living in Florida since he was 12 years old, now 20 he is a college student trying to get his bachelors in business management.  David is a DREAMer and should not be deported.”

Help David by signing this petition and making a call.

1.  Call ICE - John Morton’s office: 800-394-5855

“Hi I was calling to ask that David Zambrano’s deportation be stopped.  David is DREAM Act eligible, he is 20 years old and has been living in Florida since he was 12.  His Alien # is: 200-278-833.  He has court this Thursday and could be ordered deported to Venezuela. DAVID IS NOT A FLIGHT RISK, he is fighting to stay in his home, Florida!

2.  Call Senator Bill Nelson’s office: 407-872-7161

“Hi I was calling to ask that the Senator take immediate steps to stop the deportation of DREAM Act eligible student David Zambrano. David was detained in Georgia while dropping a friend off at home.  He has been held in the Stewart Detention center  for over a month now.  David has been living in Florida since he was 12, now 20 he is a college student.  On Thursday David will be ordered deported.  I am calling to urge the senator to introduce a private bill for David.



During the National Immigrant Youth Alliance’s Week of Action, 15 undocumented youth and parents were arrested for standing up for themselves and our community in protest of unjust laws like Alabama’s HB56. 13 of these undocumented youth and parents were released, while 2 undocumented youth were transferred to New Orleans detention center and are awaiting deportation.

Alabama DREAMers Speak From Detention: ICE Is “Rogue Agency”


“Yet, away from the media spotlight, immigrant activists say the Obama administration has another agenda entirely. And that agenda’s got a mandate to deport immigrants at a breakneck speed — even if the folks they deport do not fall within the agency’s own definition of those who are a high priority for removal. Since he’s been in office Obama’s deported nearly 400,000 people every year, far outpacing the deportation rate of every other president before him and every year toppling his own records. The enforcement strategy continues in the face of an congressional impasse over immigration reform.”

FRONTLINE: Lost in Detention


If you missed last night’s Frontline documentary on the broken immigration system in the U.S. you can catch it here. 


On August 21, Cesar was stopped by a police officer over a minor traffic violation. When the police officer found out he was undocumented, he immediately arrested and detained him. Cesar has spent a month in detention and dreams of returning to his family and community in Michigan.

Please take action to stop his deportation!



Yesterday Ramon, a DREAMer from Kentucky, was deported. Ramon had been living here since he was just 7 years old. He was a very talented artist, while in high school he was recognized by Kentucky Governor Paul Patton for a mural he created. Ramon has a 4-year old son, Gabriel, and a United States citizen wife whom he’ll never get to see again.

Ramon’s deportation could have been stopped had more people taken action. Help us keep Cesar home, it takes less than 2 min to sign the petition and make a call. 




URGENT: Miguel is currently being held in York County Jail in York, Pennsylvania. Please take action immediately to stop his deportation: Sign the petition and make the calls! Remember to share this action alert with all of your friends. Together we can help stop his deportation

Miguel was born in El Salvador but was brought to the United States when he was 9 years old. Now 24, he has a 3 year old U.S citizen child with his longtime girlfriend. The couple is expecting their second child that they wish to raise together, as a family. If Miguel is deported, he won’t get to meet his baby and won’t be able to raise his two children! We cannot allow this family to be separated. Please take action now to stop Miguel’s deportation! 

Haz click aqui para leer la peticion en Español. Despues de leerlo, firme la peticion en esta pagina.

Hey everyone, please sign the petition to stop Miguel’s deportation. His final court date is coming  up and we need to get him back to his family!

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STOP Rodrigo'S Deportation!


URGENT: Rodrigo, a bright 16 year old, will have to check in with ICE with a one way ticket back to Mexico in hand on October 4th. Please take immediate action to stop his deportation!

Rodrigo was brought to the United States when he was only 10 years old. Now 16, he is a sophmore at Harding University High School in Charlotte, North Carolina. He has big dreams of graduating from high school and going to college to study International Relations. He is also an active member of his church. As a Boy Scout, he volunteers to coach soccer to young kids. 

Rodrigo was arrested for “larceny” and accused of shoplifting at the  mall. The criminal charges were dropped but ICE still wants to deport him. Please take action now to stop his deportation!